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Why is a Bidet Better? 

Bidets are Cleaner

If you had any other mess to clean up would you just wipe it with a paper towel? of course not. You’d use water at least.

Bidets are Cheaper

Imagine all the toilet paper you won’t be buying. You can do something better with the money you’ll be saving.

Bidets are Greener

American’s use about 36.6 billion rolls of toilet paper per year. That’s 15 million trees! You can be part of the solution.

What Is It?

A bidet ( bee-dáy) is a personal cleansing method that uses a stream of water, which is more hygienic and beneficial to the use of toilet paper. This method is used widely throughout Europe and Asia, but has not yet been adopted in the United States. But that’s about to change.

You can be on the forefront of the shift that is coming away from wasteful toilet paper and toward the more hygienic method, the bidet. There is no need for a separate fixture anymore – the bidet is integrated into the toilet itself, or for an even more affordable option it can be integrated into just the seat!

How Does It Work?

The bidet is integrated right into the toilet itself. When the user is ready to finish up in the bathroom, a simple turn of the knob will initiate a stream of water. The stream can be controlled, and is aimed to clean the right area while you are still seated on the toilet. This is a far more thorough cleaning than you get with toilet paper, making it more hygienic. It’s also better than a conventional bidet because it doesn’t take up more space in your bathroom, and you don’t have to move over to sit on the bidet after your done on the toilet.


Work With Us

NuYou Bidets is looking to partner with both installers and institutions interested in making the switch to bidets and away from toilet paper. We can have a mutually beneficial arrangement that includes commissions and discounts for you and your customers. Get in touch with us so we can get started making things better together!


Are you a plumber or contractor who is interested in offering bidets as an option to your customers and clients? We can work together to build a relationship that helps you add value and brings you commissions.


Your clients will appreciate the idea

Maybe they never considered bidets for their home, but now that they think of it it’ll seem like an obvious choice. Of course bidets are better!


Your clients will appreciate your commitment

Bidets are better for their health, better for their budget, and better for the environment, and your commitment to those ideals will inspire their loyalty.


You'll make more money

Using a bidet is cheaper than toilet paper in the long run, but of course the fixture is more expensive and requires installation. That’s where you come in!


High end hotels are already implementing bidets – it’s time to upgrade. If you have an establishment that services a lot of customers or clients, from hotels to assisted living facilities, then they will all appreciate the luxury.


You'll save money

What is your budget for toilet paper each year? Imagine cutting that in half. Plus you’ll have less plumbing problems to deal with as well.


You can highlight it as a feature

For those who know, a bidet is a feature that improves the quality of the experience for those who stay with you. It’s a luxury they’ll come to expect.


Did I mention you'll save money?

Of course we offer volume discounts, and when it comes time to install the new units we’ll have a referral for you to get it done.


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